Do you plan to repair the old pool & surrounds tiling of Mackay and Whitsundays region of your backyard? If yes, then here at waterproofing and tiling facilities are here to help.

With our experience and extensive knowledge of our products, we not only give a brand new look to your pool but make it functional in every possible way. This includes completely waterproofing and tiling the internal surface of any concrete or cement rendered pool, to pool tile copings and tiling complete surrounds or adjoining patio areas.

On the other hand, without these tiles or even a correct waterproofing system in place, the pool water would soak into the pool walls. This water seepage not only causes expensive water loss, but can also damage the shape, foundation, and general integrity of the pool area.

It is commonly known that most in ground swimming pools settle with age, meaning the ground surrounding may cause the pool to shift. This shifting and settling may cause the tiles and grout to crack, burst off, or crumble. If not amended promptly it may in turn create more and more unsettling and movement from possible water leaks, which may create more unwanted damage.